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About Me: I’m 14 and I love to draw, specifically sketching. I’m an extreme Polyathlete, I’m a huge geek/nerd, and a loner.
Interests and Hobbies: I’m an extreme Polyathlete, which means I do multiple extreme sports. I do parkour, freerunning, tricking, free solo climbing, buildering, and skateboarding. I also practice pretty much any martial art you can think of, and I love physics and astrophysics, as well as basically anything Science Fiction. Also a DM.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: My all time favorite movie is by far Alien (1979). After that it’s Inception, Whiplash, Interstellar, Jurassic Park, and Resident Evil. My favorite show is Star Trek (Original), then Twilight Zone, Pokémon, Attack on Titan, and Lost.
Favorite Music: My favorite band is Weezer, and my favorite song is Arsonists Lullaby. I also love AC/DC, Queen, Marilyn Manson, The Ink Spots, and A Tribe Called Red.
Favorite Books: My favorite book is The Secret Apocalypse, and after that LOTR, World War Z, Warriors (1st series), Jurassic Park, and Prey.
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