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Country: United States
Age: 18
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rank: 38th
Level: 1
Battles Won: 1
Battles Lost: 4
Battles Draws: 1
5xp Needed to Earn Level 2
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About Me: Feel free to challenge me. I will draw just about anything, I love drawing in various art styles. Mainly I like to do digital art, and pencil + inking.
Interests and Hobbies: Anime, comic books, cooking, video games, dancing, digital art, makeup, baking, cosplay.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Captain America movies.. all of them, Sherlock, One punch-man, Hunter x Hunter, Death note, Supernatural... Just about any tv show I've watched....
Favorite Music: Anything that isn't country music, or bluegrass.
Favorite Books: Crappy fanfiction, manga, anything that can hold my interest.
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