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About Me: Hi, my name is Late4 and I came to drawwars because I have a problem with drawing. At first my family thought "oh sure we'll just buy him a pack of pencils and he'll be over it in a week". Boy were they wrong, it's been 6 long months and I'm still at it. We go to the doctor's office and I'll have a line of like 5 kids waiting on the purple crayon and instead of feeling bad, I'll just look at them like "what? You want some of this?"... I've not had a check up in like 6 months (as a direct result of the crayon fights).It's not even just other peoples kids suffering (although I still remain of the opinion them lil crayon hogs deserved everything they got), it's effecting my own kids as well, Mrs Late comes home and asks the children "Where is your father?". The answer is almost always the same "in the front yard drawing stick figures with actual sticks". Poor family :(. I even had a bunch of other examples of my excessive and sometimes inappropriate pencil use but I've gotta go and draw a unicorn using actual corn, but hey, when inspiration hits, right?
Interests and Hobbies: Marvel/DC comics, Extreme Ironing, Antique Cheeses, Astrophysics, Wind Watching, Disneys Frozen Sing Alongs, Manscaping, Teasing my Girlfriend, Apologizing to my Girlfriend, Wishing I had a Girlfriend....
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: The Walking Dead... Vikings (the series)... The middle... Teen titans Go... The Simpsons...Breaking Bad...Better Call Saul
Favorite Music: Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, Army of the Pharaohs, Heavy metal kings, Ill Bill...Matchbox 20, Queen, Green Day....
Favorite Books: Roots by Alex Haley
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