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Age: 28
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rank: 24th
Level: 1
Battles Won: 1
Battles Lost: 9
Battles Draws: 1
2xp Needed to Earn Level 2
Current Xp: 6xp


About Me: Just a person who likes art and listens to a lot of electronic music. I have a lot of social media (mainly Instagram. If you're wondering, I'm penguintails there). My main thing is to watch Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I love birds, especially hawks, they just amaze me. My main mediums are pencil and ink. My first drawing was an Angry Bird (not supprizing). After that, I just flew (no pun intended) into art.
Interests and Hobbies: Art, mostly traditional and some digital.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: The Lego Movie, Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty, The Amazing World of Gumball, One Punch Man
Favorite Music: Conro, Protostar, Pegboard Nerds (especially BAMF), Marshmello (Ritual brung me into tears), Rogue, Rhodz, Katdrop
Favorite Books: Artemis Fowl was a book that actually gotten my ideas about fantasy art off the ground.
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