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Country: United States
Age: 31
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rank: 17th
Level: 2
Battles Won: 2
Battles Lost: 1
Battles Draws: 0
25xp Needed to Earn Level 3
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About Me: Father, aspiring artist and tattooist, Air Force veteran, glass half full kind of guy.
Interests and Hobbies: Music, art of all kinds, robotics, manga, anime, card games, riddles, video games, movies, remote control vehicles, etc.
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS, Naruto, Inuyasha, walking dead, big bang theory, and many more.
Favorite Music: Pretty much anything with a good beat except Christian music
Favorite Books: Too many to list but Anita Blake and the dark hunter series are a two of my favorites.
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Draw a wicked looking Goblin
late4dinner VS celticblue
Draw Gir from Invader Zim
celticblue VS dmania
Draw Winnie the Pooh
celticblue VS cocopebbles